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XIV Terra - Single

The draft of this piece was made already over 2 years ago. It has traveled through various stages from the first intuitive spark, meeting crossroads, and taking many turns.

Originally the plan was to record the naked nature, ambiance and sounds in Iceland's nature. And as a continuum to my Sonority project, to play with nature with my voice and electronics.

Just two weeks before my trip, the lockdown hit, causing a chain of changes of plans. But since improvising is part of life and my music, who knows, maybe it was a 'meant to be' situation for this music to become an end the way it ended up to be. It has, in any case, been a transformative journey for this piece until now.

I am thankful and thrilled by the beautiful cover art by Tapani Toivanen which indicates something disturbingly unnatural, yet natural landscapes. Just like in my imagination. Human- and machine-made, at the same time.

Thank you for your beautiful photos Julie Montauk Thank you Halvcirkel Aske Zidore Nick Martin Thomas Vang and @the planet earth for having me here!

Now, this piece is out of my hands, and all yours!


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